EarthLink to Outsource Customer Service with mySAP

March 22, 2005
March 22, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Internet service provider EarthLink has selected mySAP Customer Relationship Management to “transform EarthLink into a more customer-centric organization,” according to Jennifer Francis, company publicity spokeswoman.

The move is designed to enable 3,500 customer service agents to more effectively respond to customer requests, according to Francis, who noted that “the biggest challenge for telecommunications companies is being able to present a single face to the customer in spite of all this change – one company with one portfolio of products and services.

She noted that “MySAP CRM will enable EarthLink to put a greater emphasis on customer retention to achieve competitive advantages. MySAP CRM will be a stand-alone implementation. The move is needed in part to position EarthLink's expanding line of dial-up, broadband, voice, wireless, Web hosting and Internet services.

EarthLink needed more flexible systems to manage customer relationships and core business operations, according to news releases. EarthLink's legacy IT landscape was siloed, making it difficult for the company to engage in cross-channel activities and quickly execute on its new initiative to deliver a broader range of product and service offerings.

EarthLink plans to use mySAP CRM to streamline and automate the manner in which it attracts, sells and services across its operations. EarthLink also expects to employ the analytics capabilities in mySAP CRM to gather customer insights to drive cross-channel marketing, target appropriate customers with new products and services and prevent missed revenue opportunities.

In addition, the integrated platform is expected to reduce time and cost related to administration and maintenance.

EarthLink agents will use the multichannel capabilities in mySAP CRM to support more cross- and up-sell opportunities across its global operations and improve the depth and breadth of service agent knowledge bases. Web-based self-service forms for sales and support will be utilized in order to increase resolution rate time and deliver on the company's goal of creating a more satisfying customer experience.

“To remain competitive, telecommunications companies need to effectively adapt to changing market conditions and rising customer expectations,” noted Bill McDermott, president and CEO, SAP America.

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