eBay and QuickDrop Move Into Zheng Zhou

February 28, 2005
February 28, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – eBay announced today their expansion into ZhengZhou China under QuikDrop International.

Huatian Cao will open the first QuikDrop eBay drop-off store on March 7. QuikDrop, the an eBay “drop-off” company, provides a simple way for any person or business to sell their items on eBay. New or used items with a value of $50 or more can be dropped off at any QuikDrop location worldwide, where they are photographed and listed on eBay. Once sold, QuikDrop handles the payment and shipping details with the winning bidder. The customer receives a check in the mail for the full amount of the sale, less a fee to QuikDrop.

Mr. Cao commented, "Our first mission is to make the eBay platform easily accessible to small and medium-sized businesses in China. Secondly, we will work closely with QuikDrop stores in other countries to establish global trading relationships."

"We have been formulating a relationship with Mr. Cao for about a year," says Murray Mead, President of QuikDrop International. "eBay's acquisition of Eachnet.com and their recent advertising campaigns in China mean that now is the time for us to act decisively in establishing ourselves as the market leader in a very giant market."

QuikDrop pioneered the eBay drop-off store franchise business model and was the first company to obtain state approval to operate eBay drop-off store franchises in the United States. QuikDrop opened the very first eBay drop-off store franchise in August 2003. Since that time, 40 QuikDrop locations have opened in 14 states and four countries. Franchise contracts are currently in place to open over 500 stores in the United States and 100 stores internationally.

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