Ecommerce Cloud and Managed Hosting Company Webscale Launches Cloud Image Manager

March 15, 2019
Ecommerce Cloud and Managed Hosting Company Webscale Launches Cloud Image Manager
Ecommerce cloud and managed hosting company Webscale Networks (Webscale) has announced the launch of ‘Cloud Image Manager’. Webscale, which has headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, United States, and offices in Boulder, Colorado, United States and Bangalore, India, was established in 2013. The company describes itself as “a pioneer in integrated web application delivery and control for ecommerce in the cloud”. Its ‘Delivered-as-a-Service’ platform enables companies of a range of sizes to migrate their IT to the cloud. It promises “application scalability, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, improved security and simple management across multiple cloud providers”. Webscale’s new Cloud Image Manager is designed to enhance the online ecommerce experience.

Cloud Image Manager is an automatic image optimization and management tool integrated with Webscale’s Cloud Hosting Platform. Alongside enhancing performance for ecommerce businesses, the solution provides cost savings. 60% of the weight of a typical ecommerce page can be made up of images. The solution improves image size and the optimizes the bandwidth they require to produce a faster page load time and a “smoother, more engaging customer experience”. It benefit sites delivered by any medium, be it smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone.

“Responsive web design is now a necessity for any modern e-commerce site that wants to deliver a personalized digital experience,” explained Webscale’s founder and CTO, Jay Smith. “Online storefronts must therefore support a large number of user devices, browsers, screen resolutions, and viewing options (thumbnails, zoom, etc.) to serve the ‘right’ images, fast. Improving the size and bandwidth usage of these images is critical, and Cloud Image Manager has been designed to address these challenges.”

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