Electric Lightwave Releases Managed Business Server Service

May 19, 2005
May 19, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers may want to take note of Electric Lightwave's latest service offering. The company announced today the availability of Managed Business Server (MBS). The service aims to give customers of any level of technical expertise a management and security solution for IT networks.

"Customers are looking for product value," said Melinda White, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Electric Lightwave. "Managed Business Server allows our customers to manage their networks easily and affordably, with advanced capabilities that address significant telecommunications needs. We're very proud that Electric Lightwave is first to market with another service that will give our customers a competitive edge."

Managed Business Server has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows customers to configure and control the IT functions, in real time, that are necessary to run their businesses. Combined with Electric Lightwave's Custom T service for voice and Internet access, the Managed Business Server is delivered built to customer specifications. It covers almost every telecommunications need a small-to-medium-sized company might have, and gives customers the ability to manage their own Internet services. Key features include:

-- Router with DHCP - simplifies connection from computers to server by easily connecting up to four PCs directly. More PCs can be added easily with an external switch or Hub
-- Anti-virus, spam filtering, intrusion detection, and full backup and restore functionality - helps secure network from Internet threats
-- Web Site Hosting and FTP - allows hosting of as many domains as desired and use of FTP to update content, allowing easy management of online presence
-- Email & Webmail - provides individual email accounts for users, for every domain, with 20GB disk space and no transfer limits
-- VPN - provides secure access to LAN PCs, or between branch offices
-- Firewall - gives users basic settings or advanced configurations to help secure their network from Internet threats
-- Wireless Access Point - provides wireless access for users and a "hot spot" for authorized visitors
-- Powerful CRM tool - centralizes data and enables creation of reports about customer activities with a server-based contact manager

EmergeCore, Electric Lightwave's partner in bringing this service to customers, won "Network Appliance of the Year" in 2004 from PC Magazine. "Key to Managed Business Server's success is its ease of use," says Mike Duncan, Product Manager for Data Services at Electric Lightwave. "This and a depth of features enable our customers to become their own Internet Service Provider and directly manage their online presence as if they had access to a complete Information Technology department or an outsourced vendor."

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