Eleven2 Hosting Offers Economic Stimulus Plan

May 8, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider, Eleven2 Hosting (http://www.eleven2.com), announced today that they are now offering a solution that will work with President George W. Bush's Economic Stimulus Plan and give web hosting services for life for only $600.

"We really wanted to do something out of the box here at Eleven2. A lifetime hosting plan is pretty out of the box and just the right match for President Bush's plan," said Rodney Giles, Co-founder and CEO of Eleven2. "For $600, anyone is able to take advantage of our lifetime hosting plan."

In January of 2008, Bush announced that U.S. taxpayers would get checks of several hundred dollars from the government in order to boost the economy. Eleven2 immediately began to brainstorm ways on how to give something back as well.

Starting today, Eleven2 is offering lifetime hosting for $600. Based on the pricing of its "launchParty" plan, $600 would only go as far as roughly eight and a half years.

"We know we are practically giving away hosting at this point," says Giles, "But we really wanted to do something that made people have to take a step back and say, 'woah!' We feel like this plan will do just that."

Established in 2004, Eleven2 Hosting was started by two savvy web developers who, at the time, could not find high quality hosting solutions that met their requirements. Now hosting over 60,000 websites and with ten years of experience, Eleven2 has become a prominent leader in world-class hosting. Eleven2 provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, and customized dedicated server plans. Data centers include locations in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA. The company continues to reinvent the customer experience with VIP, an automated support system developed in-house. Eleven2 Hosting also provides domain sales and database/FTP/email hosting for small to medium sized businesses.

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