eLINIA Provides Local Government Data Unit - Wales with Tailor-made Disaster Recovery Solution

February 21, 2009
February 21, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The Local Government Data Unit - Wales ("Data Unit") has selected managed hosting specialist eLINIA web services to provide a disaster recovery solution.

The eLINIA solution has been created specifically for the Data Unit, which is an organisation wholly owned by local government in Wales. The Data Unit's functions include collecting, processing, interpreting and disseminating statistical data on local government services and activities. The Data Unit also acts as an effective ambassador for local authorities and other public sector bodies on statistical issues.

The bespoke disaster recovery platform allows business critical data to be replicated in real time and migrated to a secondary data centre. If the primary data centre should become compromised there is an automatic fail over system to the secondary backup site within minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to the service.

Philip Franklin, Head of ICT at the Data Unit said, "We hold crucial data and information, and it is fundamentally important that this information is always available for use, even in the case of a disaster. Through working with eLINIA this has been guaranteed."

James Carnie, technical architect at eLINIA, added: "We have worked closely with the Data Unit to provide a cost effective solution with the flexibility needed to move the organisation forward. The eLINIA disaster recovery platform has been constructed using best of breed components in resilience and security. This has enabled us to provide tailored made solutions to suit the most demanding of clients, including government bodies, professional services and banks."

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