eLINIA to Help National Trust Reduce Data Centre Energy Consumption by 70%

May 1, 2009
May 1, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Managed hosting specialist eLINIA is to provide managed virtualised infrastructure services and disaster recovery for the National Trust.

The new contract, an extension of a five year deal between the National Trust and BT. As BT’s hosting partner on the contract, eLINIA will help the National Trust reduce its carbon footprint and minimise costs by slashing data centre energy consumption by almost 70%.

eLINIA will now migrate physical elements of the existing National Trust architecture onto a virtual platform run on HP Blade servers. The virtualised infrastructure will then be transferred from eLINIA’s Cardiff data centre across to its carbon neutral data centre in Slough, ensuring a significant reduction in the National Trust’s IT carbon footprint.

Commenting on the new agreement, Steve Heath for the National Trust, said: “Protecting the environment is at the heart of what the National Trust does, and we strongly believe that having a green IT strategy in place is key to achieving this goal. Our close partnership with eLINIA will enable us to make significant reductions to our overall energy consumption and therefore also to our carbon footprint.”

By using common infrastructure within eLINIA’s Slough datacentre, the National Trust will eliminate the need to procure a dedicated network architecture. As a direct benefit, the National Trust will be charged only for the internet bandwidth it consumes rather than having to commit to large network services to cater for occasional peaks in internet load.

eLINIA will also run a virtualised recovery platform for the National Trust at its Cardiff data centre, delivering full disaster recovery for a number of business applications, including the National Trust’s Oracle HR platform. eLINIA estimates the virtualised platform will save the National Trust in excess of £10,000 a year compared to its equivalent physical infrastructure.

Adrian Rapps, technical director at eLINIA, added: “Despite the tough economic conditions, virtualisation projects continue to make economic and environmental sense. As businesses look to cut capital expenditure, hosted services that promise to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions will replace the more flamboyant green projects of the past few years.”

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