Email Security Company SpamExperts and Managed Services Provider Cyso Partner

May 6, 2016
Email Security Company SpamExperts  and Managed Services Provider Cyso Partner
Email security company SpamExperts and managed services provider Cyso have formed a partnership. SpamExperts, which has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, offers a range of email security solutions. The company caters to ISPs, telecommunication companies and shared web hosting companies by offering inbound and outbound email filtering solutions that can be used within SpamExperts’ "Hosted Cloud" or using its customers' virtual hardware. Cyso has adopted SpamExperts’ incoming filtering options.

Cyso, which has headquarters in Alkmaar, Netherlands, was established in 1997. The company specializes in fully managed internet services and prides itself on “a flexible service, proactive employees and innovative products”. Its offerings extend to cloud hosting, application hosting, clustered systems and Hosted Exchange. Cyso has bought a license for SpamExperts’ services for an unlimited number of domains and has also joined SpamExperts’ Hosting Partner Program.

The levels of spam Cyso was receiving and frequent phishing attacks meant the company required a professional solution for its email security. SpamExperts’ solutions replaced an in-house option developed by the company that worked alongside Open Source solutions and a third-party providers services. Since the implementation of SpamExperts’ services Cyso has experienced a “nearly 100%” reduction in spam, meaning the company has more time to focus on core competencies.

“Since we discovered SpamExperts, we need less manpower and expertise to maintain our spam solution,” explained Cyso Hosting’s Commercial Director, Sven Visser. “This is great, because it leaves us more time and resources to focus on other aspects of our business. Also, the SpamExperts team helped us during the implementation and was available for any questions and support we needed,”

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