EMC Corporation Announces Launch of Hybrid Cloud Solution

May 5, 2016
EMC Corporation Announces Launch of Hybrid Cloud Solution
EMC Corporation (EMC) has announced the launch of a new hybrid cloud solution. EMC, a Dell company, has headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States. It caters to a global customer base and specializes in cloud computing, virtualization, analytics and data storage solutions. The company’s latest solution provides a “turnkey pivotal cloud foundry developer platform” that can be utilized in hybrid operating models.

EMC’s new solution is beneficial for companies involved in integrating next-generation cloud-native stacks. It integrates PivotalCloud Foundry’s cloud-native platform with EMC, VMware's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud-native offerings. It also offers “a suite of DevOps capabilities and tooling, enabling a transformational operational model for the enterprise”.

"In the new digital economy, innovation and agility trumps all. Enterprises differentiate themselves through rapid innovation and agile services delivery,” explained EMC’s President, VCE, Converged Platform Division, Chad Sakac. “Trying to build, iterate and maintain these stacks built on a series of constantly moving elements is completely a waste of resources – resources that can be better applied elsewhere, because EMC is investing many hundreds of engineers to make it a turnkey platform.”

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