Employees of Web Hosting Provider GoDaddy.com Receive ‘Rewards, Bonuses and Prizes’ Totaling $750,000

December 29, 2005
December 29, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider GoDaddy.com has announced that it has given its employees $750,000-worth of end of year rewards, bonuses and prizes above their salaries and wages.

"Go Daddy gives money away all the time. We do it with contests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A happy employee is a productive employee, no doubt about it," said Bob Parsons, GoDaddy.com Founder and President. "Giving more than people expect is one of my favorite parts of the job."

GoDaddy’s corporate approach includes offering regular prizes for contests organized for employees. During December Go Daddy rewarded top performers in its Scottsdale and Gilbert Call Centers with a $5,000 shopping spree at the store of their choice. Two others received $3,000 shopping sprees alongside a number of others who received $2,000 shopping sprees. The total spent on the contact was $64,000 – more than originally budgeted due to last minute changes made by Bob Parsons.

"Off-the-cuff changes in the prizes certainly keep us on our toes, but what a great recruiting message," said Wendy Ward, GoDaddy.com Human Resources Director. "We really do enjoy treating our employees well."

"I won my mortgage being paid for an entire year. My friends didn't believe me at first, but it's true. I've won a couple of different prizes. Bob's right -- a happy worker does work much harder," said Randy Hite, who works for GoDaddy.com.

The Go Daddy Group employs approximately 900 people at its corporate headquarters in Scottsdale and facilities in Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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