Empowering Media Launches HostCube, Offers Managed, Unmanaged VPS

January 3, 2008
January 3, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Empowering Media, Inc., a provider of Internet and IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses, announced today it has launched HostCube (http://www.hostcube.com), a new hosting service offering managed and unmanaged Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for Web developers and designers.

With the new brand, Empowering Media will be able to more effectively market and promote its business hosting services. HostCube currently offers eight monthly plans, four for both managed and unmanaged VPS. Entry-level managed and unmanaged plans include 8 GB Disk Space and 100GB of monthly data transfer

“Providing robust, dynamic and competitive Web hosting solutions is by no means something that’s new to us,” said Larry Ludwig, president and founder of Empowering Media. “By launching HostCube as a separate brand, we are in a better position to offer a wider selection of custom-tailored solutions. We are also able to more directly compete with other hosting firms.”

HostCube has designed its service around the needs of Web developers and designers. Namely, the company does not engage in abusive overselling practices, and hosts all plans on business-class, fully owned servers—featuring 8 core CPUs, 16 GB ECC RAM and hardware RAID 10. HostCube also uses completely separate installations for each VPS account, meaning there are no shared file systems among different users.

“With our managed VPS plans, it truly is a matter of ‘you code, and we’ll handle everything else,’” said Ludwig. “We provide a complete, out-of-the-box solution for our customers, and we do so with the utmost quality. Our VPS services are designed to be a very reliable replacement for dedicated servers.”

HostCube utilizes the DirectAdmin control panel. The platform allows managed VPS customers to view real-time statistics, including CPU utilization, memory usage, disk IO rates, bandwidth consumption and more.

The company also provides completely in-house technical support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Response times generally average less than 15 minutes for most issues. The technical support team proactively monitors network performance, power availability, system temperatures, server performance, and service status.

Founded in 2001, Empowering Media is a leading provider of world-class Internet and Information Technology solutions. The company specializes in a variety of Web hosting services, as well as infrastructure management and Web design and development.

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