EnCirca Offers Free Web Hosting with ‘.Pro’ Domain Names

December 22, 2005
December 22, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – EnCirca (http://www.encirca.pro) is offering free web hosting with all ‘.pro’ domain names as part of a seasonal promotion celebrating the holiday period. Customer’s choosing the company’s "QuickStart" package will receive a free year of web hosting. Discussing the promotion, Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca suggested ".Pro domain names with free web hosting make a perfect gift for the holidays. Every professional serious about marketing themselves online should have a ‘.pro’ Internet address. There is no better way on the Internet of communicating to your customers that you are a pro."

There are two branding options currently available to professionals. The first is a ‘profession-specific’ address and the second a generic ‘.pro’ address. Both have key search engine marketing advantages. Targeted professionals for the ‘.pro’ domain include architects, financial analysts and planners, dentists, educators, lawyers (law.pro), human resource experts, and insurance agents. ‘Profession-specific’ addresses include med.pro for medical doctors, eng.pro for professional engineers and ‘cpa.pro’ for accountants.

EnCirca has been an ICANN-accredited registrar since 2001 and is a domain name reseller for the ‘.pro’ domain through RegistryPro.

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