Endavo and E Solutions Announce Partnership

May 6, 2005
May 6, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. announced today its partnership with hosting and software solutions firm E Solutions Corporation to install a digital content storage and operations center in their Tampa, FL data facility.

Through an agreement with Global Entertainment Media Group LLC, content will be encoded into IP and loaded into the E Solutions data center by the end of this month and will be distributed using Endavo's Broadcast Channel, Screening Room and Traffic Server solutions.

"This new agreement with E Solutions establishes the model for how Endavo will work with data centers around the country," said CTO Mark Hewitt. "We load content into the EcoSystem, move that content around the network for further distribution and manage the delivery on behalf of content owners. The network traffic that is created by distributing content over an IP Network drives usage of peak and surplus bandwidth that might otherwise go unused by our network partners.

"As initial requests are made for content stored in the facility, traffic is generated for E Solutions," Hewitt stated further. "Bandwidth distributed based on time and usage allows it to be allocated more efficiently, generating revenues for both Endavo and its partners."

"Endavo specializes in providing the framework for managed IP service delivery and also manages the content," said Richard Nicholas, CEO, E Solutions. "This partnership with Endavo provides us with tools to expand our client offerings without changing the framework of our existing network."

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