English Engineer Picks Up $10,000 for Magazine with Moore's Law

April 25, 2005
April 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - English pack-rat David Clark picked up $10,000 for a 1965 copy of Electronics Magazine that with Intel co-founder Gordon Moore's now famous first reference to Moore’s Law.

Intel recently posted the $10,000 reward on eBay in hopes of finding a mint copy of the magazine for the 40th anniversary of Moore's Law.
Mr. Clark had stored a number of old magazines under the floorboards despite his wife’s pleas to get rid of them proving another axiom that one wife’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Clark felt, apparently rightly so, that it was a shame to throw away the history of the golden age of electronics. Now he is a small part of it for his contribution.

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