Enterprise Anti-Spyware Solution Sales Soar in First Six Months

January 25, 2005
January 25, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Webroot Software, Inc., a producer of award-winning anti-spyware solutions for enterprises and consumers, today announced it has sold more than one million licenses of its corporate anti-spyware solution, Spy Sweeper Enterprise in just the first six months of availability.

Since its launch in June of 2004, Spy Sweeper Enterprise has been deployed in more than 3,500 corporations and large institutions seeking comprehensive protection from all forms of spyware, including adware, malware, Trojans, keyloggers, system monitors, and other potential security risks. It enables administrators to centrally manage security threats across enterprises of any size, from small businesses of 10 people to large corporations with hundreds
of thousands of employees.

"Spy Sweeper Enterprise's ability to find, eliminate and protect against even the most devious spyware programs, combined with the ease of rapid deployment across the network have unburdened valuable IT resources and increased productivity," said Ed Bailey, Director of Information Technology for the University of Florida's nationally Top Ten ranked Department of Materials Science and Engineering. "Webroot's powerful central management toolset has allowed us to do in one hour what until recently would have required more than one hundred man hours of individual desktop inspections."

The one million seat milestone comes on the heels of two other recent achievements of Spy Sweeper Enterprise: the Clear Choice Award from Network World Magazine and the launch of Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.0. In addition, Spy Sweeper Enterprise has exponentially increased its level of protection through the resources offered by Webroot's newly launched Phileas, the industry's
first automated spyware research system capable of scouring millions of Web sites per day in active pursuit of spyware.

"The corporate IT community has enthusiastically responded to the introduction of Spy Sweeper Enterprise both in the number of licenses and by committing to multi-year contracts with Webroot," said Lee Kennedy, vice president of enterprise operations at Webroot. "Webroot in turn is demonstrating its appreciation to these customers by continually enhancing and improving its offerings with the most advanced anti-spyware technologies, as evidenced by the recent launch of Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.0 and the introduction of Phileas."

In December, Webroot issued the results of an audit of more than 12,200 systems, representing more than 4,900 companies that discovered an average of 22 pieces of spyware per corporate desktop computer, including malicious spyware infections. On average, eight percent of the PCs audited had system monitors and six percent had Trojan horse programs, the two most nefarious and potentially malicious forms of spyware.

Spy Sweeper Enterprise was developed to protect corporate networks from the spyware intrusions and their subsequent effects on productivity, integrity and confidentiality of data systems and networks. The solution is armed with a comprehensive spyware threat database to detect and eradicate more than 50,330 spyware traces. Rooted in spyware research first started by Webroot in 2002, the company's threat database is managed and continuously updated by a dedicated in-house Threat Research Team.

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