eSentire Inc. Announces Launch of Cloud DNS Firewall Service

March 8, 2016
eSentire Inc. Announces Launch of Cloud DNS Firewall Service
eSentire Inc. (eSentire) has announced the launch of a new cloud-based DNS firewall service. eSentire, which has headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, provides advanced cybersecurity capabilities to predominantly mid‐sized companies. The company’s services address evolving cyber threats that “traditional security defenses simply can’t detect”. The eSentire DNS Firewall solution automatically blocks website domains that are recognized as being malicious.

Underpinned by the company’s ‘Active Threat Protection’ service, eSentire’s new solution offers real-time protection for a wide range of devices (including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices) that can be added to a network. The system protects against a range of threats “whether from an unsuspecting employee clicking on a malicious email link, or an infected USB device attempting to call home to deliver a harmful payload”. To do this it utilizes whitelists and blacklists generated by Cymon, a leading open threat intelligence aggregator. Cymon takes input from around 180 sources on a daily basis, adding 20,000 unique IPs to its database daily, monitoring a range of threats including malware, phishing, botnet, and spam.

“eSentire has been making substantial R&D investments in its cloud solutions capabilities and DNS Firewall is an excellent example of an advanced cybersecurity solution based on elastic computing horsepower and global distribution,” explained eSentire’s CEO J. Paul Haynes. “We are very excited by how rapidly we can deploy it and bring value to customers.”
eSentire DNS Firewall solution is currently in beta and the full service will be launched in the second quarter of 2016.

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