European Host Unveils Self-service Environment

Contact Person: Managing Director and Co-founder Mrs. Tina Lerche

Company Name: EasySpeedy ApS
Telephone Number: +45 4594 1401
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Copenhagen, Denmark, February 2005

European Linux/BSD hosting company, specialised in dedicated hosting to customers world-wide, has unveiled its software based Self-service environment, which enables remote control of server hardware over the Internet. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to have physical access to server hardware. This scenario could revolutionise the entire hosting industry, and EasySpeedy is setting the pace.

The introduction of Self-service environments is good news to the industry. Experts predict a radical change in the industry when hosting companies no longer need to support their customers the way they do today. "I see our Self-service environment as 'the missing link' in customer support, and customer care?, says Tina Lerche, Managing Director and Co-founder of EasySpeedy. "Why should customers be forced to turn to us when they are in need of a hardware reset, or want to change their operating system, if they can do it remotely on the fly, she asks.

Only a handful of hosting companies in the world are taking steps towards this new type of environments, and this is how Tina Lerche describes it: "To the best of my knowledge, we are the first hosting company in the world to offer a full scale Self-service environment to our hosting customers?.

Michael Fog, BuG eSports, is a long term customer of EasySpeedy, using his server for professional Counter Strike gaming. He says: "To us the Self-service environment with its Control Center is absolutely great, as we can deal with the server, hardware-wise, without ever having to contact support. Also we tried all Linux/BSD distros', available in the Control Center, until settling with the distro which suited our needs. If, for some reason, we want to change the distro to another flavour, we can do this ourselves in less than 30 minutes. Other beauties are that we can make a remote hardware reset, or even turn off the power of our server at any time.

"Our existing Self-service features is just the top of the iceberg?, Tina says. ?We are committed to continue the development of additional features on a larger scale starting now?, she continues. "The benefits are that on one hand the customer become self sufficient, and on the other hand we save lots of money on dramatically reduced support, she explains."

All remote hardware related Self-service features are included in all hosting plans, and most features are free of charge.

Other application areas of the Self-service environment are obvious. Helpdesk systems could add centralised remote hardware control managed over the Internet to improve customer satisfaction, and windmills could be managed remotely to reduce cost of operations.

More information on the full scale environment can be found at

About EasySpeedy
The Founders of EasySpeedy are experienced people, each with a 10 year track record in the hosting industry. 3 years of software development has lead to this newly launched Self-service environment, built in Java. Customers all over the world are using this environment on a daily basis, as they are hosted in the EasySpeedy top secure data center, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

EasySpeedy is looking for funds in order to market the Self-service environment globally, and to enter license agreements with 3rd parties.


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