Europeans Ask Bush to Play Nice Over DNS Management

July 7, 2005
July 7, - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries, CENTR, issued a statement today aknowledging the Bush administration's “Principles on the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System” which refuses to turn over DNS management over to an international body and responded with a request for collaboration.

"We encourage the U.S. to further explore, together with registry managers and other governments, the means by which the execution of these functions can be enhanced and decentralised using proven technology in order to optimise efficiency, accuracy of data, Internet stability and security," said CENTR in their statement. "This approach can contribute to depoliticise the role of the root, and empower the relevant local Internet registries and the respective local Internet communities (including governments) to exercise local supervision of their components in the root zone. This should minimise the need for any procedural intervention by other parties."

The release is set in a very mild tone which asks simply for a communicative effort on the part of the Whitehouse to include the rest of the world in determining the future of the Internet.

How the President responds however remains to be seen.

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