EverSure Web Thunders Out of Gate with a Host of New Services

EverSure Web Hosting has started out on a new path regarding customer service. They have replaced conventional FAQ databases and replaced them with humans. The concept sounds strange by having humans interacting with humans instead of computers. EverSure plans to provide real live human help and a toll free telephone number.

Most hosting services have the client retrieve help from two sources. One is through conventional e-mail, like most web hosts. Of course there is always a lag delay while your host figures things out. The second is to figure out a searchable term for your problem with FAQ databases to solve web site difficulties.

.“The difference for us”, says Jim Gray, V.P., “is that we like to talk to people and
help solve their web site problems with solutions. E-mail and FAQ databases just don’t do this the same way personal contact does. We want people to feel that their web-sites are as important as they are.”

The combination of consistent affordability and the reliability of a triangular backbone translates to the customer a level of service that hasn’t been presented before. “We want it that when a customer calls up your site it resolves 99.9% of the time, guaranteed,” says Jim Gray, V.P. “Computers and the internet have struggled to achieve that level consistency.”

Combined with their service of unlimited support they have also added convenient features like e-mail set-up, free installation features, and available working scripts all ready installed. Jim Gray, V.P. has shown frustration when asked about other hosts. “How many times has your tech person phoned up and gotten a plethora of phone mail options or a voice recording? Those delays cost money. We want to provide answers, not excuses.”

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