Everyone Counts Chooses SimpleNet for Hosting

October 27, 2004
Companies will combine to support U.S. National Student/Parent Mock Election

SAN DIEGO – October 27, 2004 – SimpleNet (http://www.simplenet.com), a premier provider of Web hosting, domain management, email, and data center services, and Everyone Counts (E1C) (http://www.everyonecounts.com), the leading provider of transparent Internet voting systems, today announced a partnership to provide the infrastructure for the upcoming U.S. National Student/Parent Mock Election (http://www.nationalmockelection.org).

On the 28th of October, as many as 5 million students, teachers, and parents will participate in this opportunity to learn about the U.S. elections process and participate in a full-fledged national mock election. Many of them are expected to vote via the Internet, as opposed to a traditional paper ballot. In the last two presidential election years alone, over 10 million students, parents and teachers have participated in the mock election, including those from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and 14 other countries/territories worldwide.

This year’s mock election will use a high-volume version of the E1C election system that functions similar to a traditional polling station with multiple-voting being monitored by coordinators at student voting sites. The E1C system’s versatility enables electoral staff to set up elections as basic as public polls and as sophisticated as E1C's secure flagship, the Shared Trust Election. E1C has provided successful elections for the United Kingdom Labor Party's National Executive Committee, the first legally binding online election in Australia, Cornell University Student Elections, and the Eastern Washington State Student Elections, to name a few. The E1C System will be hosted in SimpleNet’s Revolutionary Data Center.

“The E1C system makes better use of modern technology, such as cryptography and digital signing, which makes it a better answer to today’s questions about the integrity of voting systems,” states Lori Steele, CEO of E1C. “The U.S. Government has been authorized by the Help America Vote Act to spent $3.9 billion in the states to upgrade voting equipment. Some of the states have invested in a touch screen system that is extremely expensive, immediately depreciates, and doesn’t have a software system that can be publicly examined. E1C provides a more robust and reliable system for less than a quarter of the price.”

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