EvoSwitch Data Center To Get Access Point to NDIX Broadband Marketplace

May 28, 2009
May 28, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – EvoSwitch (www.evoswitch.com), the Amsterdam based carrier-neutral data center with CO2-neutral operations and good connectivity, is going to be connected to the NDIX broadband platform. NDIX is an independent, non-profit marketplace in Germany and the Netherlands. The marketplace separates fiber-optics infrastructure and services in order to accelerate the development of broadband services.

The access point in the EvoSwitch data center is the 27th point-of-presence (POP) established by NDIX in the Netherlands and Germany. The access point basically involves the installation of a network switch at EvoSwitch. The POPs in the total network of NDIX jointly constitute a marketplace that interlinks broadband-service providers and customers without having to rely on fiber-optics infrastructure providers. The presence of the NDIX platform in the data center will create opportunities for current and future EvoSwitch customers to develop new markets.

Broadband Services
An access point such as EvoSwitch allows providers and customers in the NDIX marketplace to access the entire NDIX network and its participants via a single connection. “This gives broadband service providers access to a wealth of potential customers via a single channel without having to have their own fiber-optics infrastructure,” says Jeroen van de Lagemaat, president of NDIX. “And customers can now benefit from the fact that they are no longer dependent on infrastructure providers, so they can look for the best price-quality ratio for every broadband service.”

“Our platform makes broadband services more easily accessible,” says van de Lagemaat. “It allows users and providers of broadband services to do business with greater ease and flexibility, with more choices, which will accelerate the development of broadband. We are pleased to be able to add EvoSwitch as an access point to our marketplace. EvoSwitch is a location with excellent fiber-optics connections in the Amsterdam region – a region where we would like to further strengthen our presence, considering the large concentration of Internet providers and customers.”

Online Back-Up, VoIP, Hosting…
The presence of the NDIX platform offers current and future EvoSwitch customers new business opportunities. “Different broadband services are offered on the platform, including on line back-up, storage, VoIP telephone services, optimization of ICT environments, security, workstation administration, and Web hosting,” says Eric Boonstra, commercial director of EvoSwitch. “This will enable EvoSwitch customers to also offer their broadband services on the NDIX platform. Obviously, this also means that they will be able to use the platform to buy services.”

The NDIX platform has a wide range of users of the broadband ICT services being offered, including health care and educational institutions, industrial enterprises, and organizations that provide business services. “The advantage for these organizations is that they can look for the most suitable provider for each individual ICT service,” says van de Lagemaat. “They can also easily change providers, since the services are offered without having to rely on fiber-optics infrastructure providers.”

NDIX not only serves as a digital marketplace for broadband services, but also as an interface for broadband connections. NDIX allows companies, institutions and local governments to interlink without any capacity restrictions. Large organizations now have the ability to interlink their locations via broadband and thus create their own networks.

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