F5 Networks Announces Partnership with immixTechnology

January 20, 2005
January 2005-- F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), an Application Traffic Management solutions provider, announced today that its complete line of products is now available to federal, state and local government agencies through immixTechnology's GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule, contract number GS-35F-0330J. Under this agreement, immixTechnology will help to facilitate the government procurement process and accelerate the sale of F5's products to the public sector. GSA Schedules offer government organizations a cost-effective and simple process for procuring technology products and services from companies with a proven track record.

"F5 Networks has established itself as a trusted brand across government and commercial organizations and immixTechnology is pleased to have its Application Traffic Management solutions available on its GSA Schedule contract," said Steve Charles, Executive Vice President and Co-founder, immixGroup. "Our government customers, systems integrators and VARs will all benefit, as it will give them access to F5's market leading products and streamline the procurement process."

immixTechnology is a government channel management firm that addresses the business requirements of technology manufacturers selling to the Government. It partners with leading technology manufacturers, such as F5 Networks, helping to manage the complexity of selling technology through the many channels in the government sector.

"For years, F5 has helped numerous federal government organizations successfully secure, optimize and deliver their mission-critical applications and this market continues to be a high priority for our company," said Mark Anderson, Vice-President of North American Sales, F5 Networks. "We're looking forward to working with immixTechnology to ensure greater penetration in this market and to increase efficiencies for our government customers."

Partnership enables F5 to broaden its reach into the Federal government and makes it easy for customers and partners to purchase and deploy F5 solutions

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