First Web Conferencing Solution Designed for Web Hosting Customers Launched

November 30, 2005
November 30, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A web conferencing solution specifically designed for web hosting customers was launched today. Introduced by Persony (, the Persony VShow solution is a cost-effective web conferencing solution that operates with standard web servers and does not require ISPs install or operate costly proprietary server software. As a result, web hosting companies can offer high-margin and high-growth web collaboration business services using existing web hosting services without passing extensive charges on to customers. The service is currently available through Santa Barbara Web Hosting ( as a subscription service.

“Persony’s solution allows us to offer web conferencing using our current web hosting service,” says David Straede, owner and president of Santa Barbara Web Hosting. “We don’t even need to install any software on our servers. Persony software is very easy to use and we were able to start hosting online meetings in minutes! We look forward to offering this new service to our current and future customers.”

The transition from conferencing services that cost hundreds of dollars per month to a service that recognizes the low margins experienced in web hosting is a boon for the industry. Web hosting customers can now purchase web conferencing from their web hosting service providers at a reasonable monthly fee. The Persony VShow system operates on a meeting host’s desktop PC and is built on technology that turns real-time events into dynamic web pages that can be displayed by any web browser. Attendees do not need to download specific software to utilize the solution and the system also offers the usual range of options including PowerPoint presentations and a virtual whiteboard.

“Our mission is to make Web conferencing available to millions of small businesses,” said Eric Chen, CEO of Persony. “Web hosting service providers have been providing reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality services to small businesses for many years. Many of them have added Voice over IP, email marketing, e-commerce, and content management services. We believe Web conferencing is the next service they will offer in the near future.”

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