FOCI.NET Internet Services, LLC has expanded their products to Web Hosting

May 27, 1998
May 27th,1998, Baltimore, MD:

FOCI.NET Internet Services, LLC, a world-renoun ISP in the area of Internet Shells, has expanded their products to Web Hosting. Offering packages starting at low as $10/month, they include all the popular necessities - CGI access, FrontPage98 support, ASP support, FTP Access, unlimited email accounts - plus their unique addons such as unlimited/unrestricted transfers, free access to secure server, free virtual host of your selection, and many others.

One of their strongest points in web hosting may be their unlimited and unrestricted policy, in which all web hosting clients have a guaranteed bandwidth secured for them plus no charges for high bandwidth usage/web page hits. Another area in which FOCI.NET holds its own record is in the support area. FOCI.NET took their great support from Internet Shells and made it even better by supplying support via ICQ, on the web page (via java chat), almost instant email responses, plus standard phone support.

FOCI.NET seems to be a strong competitor to the web hosting arena, by offering what customers want.

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