Fortinet Unveils New Multi-Tier Anti-Spam Solution

February 8, 2005
February 8, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Fortinet unveiled two new additions to its network security solutions and services portfolio: FortiMail, a secure messaging system, and FortiGuard-Antispam, a managed antispam service. The FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform and FortiGuard-Antispam Service effectively layer antispam technology to offer antispam defense in-depth at the network perimeter and the mail server.

"As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductors, we have many daily demands on our network and cannot sacrifice network performance due to spam, viruses or other unwanted network traffic," said Edward Huang, corporate IT infrastructure manager for Atmel. "Solutions such as Fortinet's network security platforms and FortiGuard- Antispam Service help to minimize unwanted and malicious network traffic, without network performance degradation or a lot of administrative overhead, which is essential for ensuring a productive business."

The FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform is a dedicated system based on Fortinet's FortiOS technology and includes an antivirus detection engine for virus and spyware protection and email scanning. FortiMail uses filtering methods such as access policy filtering, content filtering, global and user black/white list filtering, spam Real-time Blackhole List (RBL), per user Bayesian filtering so that individual users can set their own profiles, heuristics filtering and denial-of-service.

FortiGuard-Antispam Service is a new fully managed service that helps companies of all sizes reduce the amount of spam by eliminating it at the network perimeter. Fortinet developed this service internally and optimized it for operation on Fortinet's FortiGate network security platforms and the new FortiMail system family. On either system deployment, FortiGuard- Antispam can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted and possibly malicious spam messages passing through corporate email servers.

Using Fortinet's "dual pass" scanning technology in either the FortiMail or FortiGate systems, the FortiGuard-Antispam Service checks against known spammer IP addresses and email content with Universal Resource Identifier (URI) scanning. URI scanning looks deep into each email message to scan for well-known spam content such as spam URL links. The pairing of this new service with Fortinet security systems will help increase spam detection rates, as spammers get more creative and use infected PCs to deliver spam. "With Fortinet's new FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform and FortiGuard-Antispam Service, we are extending our portfolio of award winning technology and services for real-time network security to help enterprises deal with unwanted mail in an effective, manageable and cost-efficient way," said Richard Hanke, vice president of product management at Fortinet.

"Used together or separately, FortiMail and the FortiGuard-Antispam Service significantly reduce the amount of spam and email viruses while at the same time preserving network bandwidth and dramatically reducing the amount of processing power required to keep unwanted network traffic out of the enterprise."

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