27th February 2002
Newly launched web-hosting company, Fozzy Networks aim to become a leader in the hosting field by providing a premier-quality service at a price all can afford.

The success of many websites is, to a large extent, determined by the quality of the host supporting it. Slow access, unreliable support and periods of 'downtime' can seriously affect the image of a website and its ability to compete in the market. To be assured of reliable service to a website, a company will usually need to agree to hosting fees that are beyond the individual webmaster. For most webmasters, a decision usually needs to be made to decide to opt either for reliability or cost.
Fozzy Networks aim to become the first hosting company to offer both.

Rene Clausen (President) of Fozzy Networks outlined the methods and steps taken to provide the quality service. "To support our customers' sites, we have technicians working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year", he said. "Our engineers constantly monitor the system to identify usage trends and prevent problems before they happen. We monitor customer and backbone networks around the clock, enabling us to guarantee troubleshooting and technical support." From all accounts, Fozzy Networks appear to have taken the advantage of witnessing where other hosts have failed. Customer
complaints about many hosts have led to a situation where many webmasters and companies believe that unreliable service is a natural expectation from their existing host. This is where Fozzy Networks believe they can exceed their customers' expectations. "Our web hosting service is top of line. Many have complained about service and support from other companies not being what they expected. That simply doesn't happen with Fozzy Networks."

Rene Clausen (President) of Fozzy Networks also said "With an excellent review from, that brought us into their Best of the Best section we have already made our point about our services."

For most webmasters and companies, the hosting of their site is where their host's involvement ends. Again, this is where Fozzy Networks aim to provide something of a unique service. Customers have access to a discussion forum, a marketing section to help their website generate extra traffic, a news section and access to other facilities. For many businesses, access to this type of marketing resource would usually take a bite of their promotion budget in itself. With hosting starting from $8 a month and no setup fee, Fozzy Networks appear set to secure a share of a competitive market by having listened to what customers want – and then delivering with dividends.

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