Free Solution Protects Small Businesses and Email Domain Owners from SPAM

December 4, 2005
December 4, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Blue Security, Inc. has announced the launch of a service designed to protect small businesses and email domain owners. The service is free for those registering domain names with up to 200 email addresses and available for the remainder of 2005 and through 2006 for users who join the ‘Blue Community’.

Blue Security's business offering protects entire email domains rather than individual email addresses. Registering an email domain in Blue Security's ‘Do Not Intrude Registry’ protects all email addresses using that domain name. After registration a domain owner installs a software client (the Blue Frog) and forwards spam they receive to Blue Security who analyzes it. The software sends 'opt-out' requests to sites advertised by spam which asks spammers to remove registered addresses from their mailing lists and to stop sending unsolicited email to Blue Community members. The ‘Do Not Intrude Registry’ allows owners of email domains to automatically opt-out of spam.

"For too long, domain owners had no choice but to quietly endure the annoyance, frustration, productivity loss and high cost associated with spam," said Eran Reshef, founder and CEO of Blue Security. "Our new offering for e-mail domain owners extends our reach to this important audience by empowering domain owners to take a stance against spam - free of charge from now through 2006. We are confident that the power of the Blue Community will change the spam economy and reduce the amount of spam sent to our customers, freeing up the valuable time and resources they currently invest in fighting and eliminating unsolicited e-mail."

Approximately 55,000 email addresses have been registered to the ‘Do Not Intrude Registry’ and protected through the Blue Community. Results of Beta testing of the service suggest users experience a 50% reduction in spam they receive, indicating that spammers already comply with the ‘Do Not Intrude Registry’ and do not send spam to Blue Security customers.

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