Free Web Hosting Company Offers Domain Name

December 21, 2005
December 21, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Recognizing that issues such as paid advertising and bandwidth and data transfer limits have given free hosting a poor reputation, British free web hosting company Facternet ( is offering free hosting which it claims avoids end-user advertisements and also offers users a free domain name.

The ‘FreeSpace’ service provided by Nottingham-based Facternet offers 100MB of free web storage space for websites or file storage, allowing users to upload and hot link to any file type. Facternet also encourages website owners to use FreeSpace to enhance sites that may be hosted elsewhere. Discussing the new service Anthony Robinson, owner of, suggested, “I am delighted to launch the new Facternet FreeSpace service. Using free hosting providers in the past myself, I understand the frustration of forced advertising on end user sites, the restrictions placed on file types, and not forgetting the long unfriendly website addresses. That’s why FreeSpace doesn’t have any advertising on end user sites, supports almost every file type and even offers users a free ‘.com’ domain name.”

Alongside developments with its free service, Facternet has also announced that Facternet Domains, its paid hosting service, will soon receive major enhancements including additional hosting packages that enable FreeSpace users to upgrade to paid hosting.

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