Free Web Hosting for Bloggers Site Announces Launch

March 14, 2005
March 14, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting for blogs is now available at Journal Home is an online blog hosting service, supplying members with free blog space for their personal online journals or public blogs. For the past few weeks Journal Home has unofficially opened its virtual doors, allowing new members to sign up and test the waters, without any advertisements. This is now a thing of the past as they have now officially launched their new blogging platform.

There are over 25 different templates to choose from. Features include privacy settings, RSS/XML feeds, mailing list, file uploads, blog server pings, friend manager, and complete control over your blog. They also offer an upgrade feature to get rid of the advertising on your blog.

Blogging has become immensely popular and is still gaining momentum but with so many other blog hosts, such as Blogger and LiveJournal, Journal Home has some ways to go before it can take any of their market share. Founder and owner of, Ant Onaf, explained his take, “I know that I got a late start in the blog hosting industry, but my shortcomings has allowed me to take a close look at my competitors from the outside looking in, and focus on the problems my competitors have had. Blog hosting or blogging in general is considered fairly new, especially mainstream. Therefore, I believe many of my competitors were unaware of how strenuous blog hosting can be on their networks and did not take the needed precautions, therefore they experienced system failures. I have even seen blog host go out of business because of the added stress on their networks. Journal Home is aware of this problem and is prepared for the added traffic and stress on the network. I have taken the proper steps to prepare my systems and network, so that this will not become a problem in the future, at least not for Journal Home.”

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