Free Web Hosting Provider Freewebs Acquires

September 6, 2006
September 6, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Free “do-it-yourself” web hosting provider Freewebs ( has acquired, the company that developed the moo.fx javascript effects library. The library allows developers to “easily insert web 2.0 elements into any website”. The company has also developed "Freewebs Farms," ( an online community for developers.

moo.fx has 11 million active users. It is a “cross-browser and standards-compliant” framework for dynamically modifying elements of website pages (for instance height, width, or opacity). A series of widgets based on the technology will soon be available to Freewebs visitors.

"Freewebs is democratizing the Web development process in order to fuel healthier innovation. The Freewebs Farms collective will bring together individuals worldwide to play an important role in furthering a better Internet experience," said Shervin Pishevar, Freewebs' President and COO. "We also see Freewebs Farms as a means of allowing users around the world the chance to suggest new ideas and participate in bringing others to completion, and we plan to recruit heavily from this burgeoning community to add to our staff of talented developers."

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