Free Web Matrix v2 RC Beta Hosting Sandbox Offered by Windows Servers Hosting Company DiscountASP.NET

Free Web Matrix v2 RC Beta Hosting Sandbox Offered by Windows Servers Hosting Company DiscountASP.NET
June 12, 2012 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – DiscountASP.NET is offering a free Web Matrix v2 RC beta hosting sandbox program to developers, providing them with an easy way of installing open source web applications.

The program, which also supports node.js, is an all-in-one tool that will give web developers the ability to instal applications and web templates as a starting point to developing customized web designs.

The innovators of Windows Servers hosting will also offer their customers a variety of other enhancements including support for more languages, developing mobile-friendly websites and writing extensions which will be available in a new gallery.

VP Marketing and Business Development at DiscountASP.NET, Takeshi Eto commented on the reasons behind his company’s choice to select the program. “Microsoft continues to simplify and expand the web development experience with their next-generation tools like Web Matrix,” he said.

“Our free Web Matrix v2 RC hosting sandbox will provide the web developer community an opportunity to test out Web Matrix along with node.js.”

The hosting program is a limited offer which will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis, and comes packed with 50MB of disk space, 50MB of SQL Server 2008 R2 database space and 50 MB of MySQL database space. The platform is only intended for testing purposes though, and DiscountASP.NET have stressed that it “should not be used for a production web site.”

About DiscountASP.NET

DiscountASP.NET is an innovative leader in hosting solutions for Microsoft developers, focused on providing the best value in ASP.NET web hosting and Team Foundation Server (TFS) hosting. A Microsoft Partner with the Gold Hosting Competency and a Visual Studio Industry Partner member, DiscountASP.NET recently launched free TFS proxy server beta hosting, and managed TFS hosting solutions. As a leader in cutting-edge ASP.NET web hosting, DiscountASP.NET supports the latest Microsoft web stack including support for SQL Server 2012. Through strong word-of-mouth and their commitment to ASP.NET developers, DiscountASP.NET has become the choice for affordable enterprise-class ASP.NET web hosting and hosted TFS.

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