General Corporation Introduces New InfiniStream Product

February 8, 2005
February 8, 2005- (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Network General(TM) Corporation, the pioneer and global leader in enterprise application and network performance analysis, today introduced the new version of its stream-to-disk, long-term capture solution InfiniStream(TM). Part of the industry-leading Sniffer(R) line of network performance analysis solutions, InfiniStream 2.0 offers unique "depth and breadth" insight into enterprise network performance over time.

The product combines over four terabytes of storage capacity with patented Sniffer technology for continuous, real-time data capture. This gives IT professionals a comprehensive view of Gigabit and Ethernet network performance -- extending from up to the second real-time analysis to what happened several weeks ago -- and enables them to pinpoint, analyze, and solve the most difficult, intermittent problems that can impact network and business performance. "This network analysis capability speeds up time to resolution, and assures uninterrupted network performance," said Rich van de Groenekan, InfiniStream product line manager at Network General. "It gives IT professionals the tools to resolve problems today and prevent them from recurring tomorrow."

Rapid Resolution -- Solving Current and Past Problems

With InfiniStream 2.0, IT professionals can get a high-level view of a problem with real-time, constantly updated statistics and then use filters to drill down to specific IP addresses, network components, or data packets to isolate the anomaly and quickly resolve it. The continuous capture allows users to save data for an entire transaction or series of transactions enabling them to go back-in-time, drill down to a historical piece of data and conduct post-capture analysis after an issue occurs, rather than requiring them to go through complex, time consuming steps to recreate the problem or wait for the next instance of the problem to occur.

High Performance for Gigabit Networks

InfiniStream 2.0 retains all of the packets at very high utilization rates on Gigabit networks and stores them in the large hard drive. Hardware time stamps enable accurate data aggregation from multiple streams of traffic to ensure IT professionals can merge the captured data into single time-ordered streams to identify and resolve a problem. Hardware filtering and frame slicing during the data capture increases the storage capacity without sacrificing data accuracy ensuring that all of the data needed to solve the problem has been saved.

Management-Level Planning Reports

InfiniStream 2.0 can provide on-demand management-level reports showing both the initial problem and a view of the network after the problem has been resolved. These reports give IT professionals the solid information needed to proactively address business challenges, and the proof points of continuous network performance that management requires. InfiniStream 2.0 can also create long-term reports for capacity planning and resource allocation.

"The enhancements in InfiniStream 2.0 provide more value to customers by ensuring they have the data needed to resolve problems rapidly -- the first time they occur," said Ryk Edelstein, President of Converge Net. "InfiniStream gives users the ability to drill down from a real-time statistical view and the problems identified there, and do a detailed analysis of the network traffic to resolve the problem. The ability to get to the data that's needed to pinpoint the network problem in the shortest amount of time -- whether it happened today or last week -- is key to keeping a network running at optimal levels and ensuring customer satisfaction."

InfiniStream Network Management 2.0 can be ordered today through the Network General direct sales force and authorized channel partners. For additional information, please contact Network General at 408-571-5000 or go to

The Sniffer(R) line of network performance analysis and reporting solutions includes Sniffer(R) Distributed, Sniffer(R) Portable, InfiniStream(TM) Network Management, nPO(TM) Visualizer and Manager. These solutions enable the analysis of complex, high-speed networks covering virtually all wireless and wired network topologies and protocols, and are used to troubleshoot, monitor, and determine the root cause of network problems. The solutions allow IT professionals to instrument their network from the edge to the core, enabling them to ensure optimal network performance and reduce network downtime.

About Network General Corporation

Network General(TM) Corporation is the pioneer and global leader in enterprise application and network performance analysis. The Network General portfolio consists of innovative software solutions that allow IT professionals to identify, monitor, measure, manage and resolve application and network performance problems. Supporting the widest range of network topologies in the industry, Network General delivers breakthrough technology solutions that focus on the intersection of the application and the network for comprehensive real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting across the business enterprise. For more information on Network General, a privately-held company based in San Jose, California, dial 408-571-5000 or go to

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