GigaBeam Introduces 1GB/s WiFi Network to Dartmouth College

March 10, 2005
March 10, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - GigaBeam Corporation announced today that it has received a purchase order from Dartmouth College for installation of two ultra high speed WiFiber(TM) wireless fiber links. GigaBeam's WiFiber is a point-to-point wireless solution that provides ultra high speed communications at one Gigabit per second -- equivalent to 647 T1 lines or 1,000 DSL connections.

WiFiber is as fast as terrestrial fiber with high availability in Dartmouth's campus setting. WiFiber utilizes radio frequency recently authorized by the FCC within the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz spectrum. Use of these frequency bands for commercial applications was pioneered by GigaBeam's founders.

Louis Slaughter, GigaBeam Chairman and CEO said, "Our WiFiber wireless fiber solution has the potential to revolutionize communications on college campuses, facilitating very high speed access and opening up new applications previously unavailable because of limited bandwidth. Campus environments, including business campuses, now have the opportunity to create virtual private networks utilizing next generation IT infrastructures, including centralized computer servers and ubiquitous deployment of video over IP."

Robert Johnson, Director of Telecommunications and Network Services at Dartmouth said, "Employing GigaBeam's WiFiber will enable us to address the rapidly growing high speed network demands of Dartmouth's advanced information environment. It is appropriate that Dartmouth, which maintains one of the most advanced university IT infrastructures in the country, has chosen GigaBeam's innovative WiFiber solution."

WiFiber can be used to create ubiquitous high speed campus networks in addition to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). It can provide access and backhaul between buildings and also to Points-Of-Presence (POPs) in Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). WiFiber is also ideal for backhaul of data, voice, video and images from cell towers and WiMax cell sites. With the proliferation of many new and data intensive applications provided with cell phones, many existing cell towers in urban areas will require fiber speed backhaul. WiFiber is a practical alternative to expensive and time consuming trenching to lay terrestrial fiber to cell towers.

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