Gladiator Technology Helps Protect Financial Institutions Online

March 25, 2005
March 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Gladiator Technology Services, Inc.'s Intrusion Prevention Service, working in concert with a web hosting provider’s security system, is key to a multi-layered approach for system security. IPS is helping financial institutions better protect and manage their system security. IPS protects financial institution data and customer information from within the network perimeter. Gladiator Technology is a national managed security services provider (MSSP) focused specifically on protecting community financial institutions.

With IPS, Gladiator performs deep packet inspections on financial institutions, where network traffic is analyzed with a combination of signature and anomaly-based algorithms. A key component of the IPS solution is the availability of high-speed processors where packets are analyzed at wire speed. The service searches for security breaches that extend beyond initial penetration into an institution's system. Hackers can often invade a system's first layer or outside perimeter without being noticed by firewalls or routing filters, which makes it imperative for financial institutions to have a multi-layered approach to security. With IPS, Gladiator's customers are better equipped to safeguard customer data as well as stay in compliance with the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC), a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions.

"Gladiator Technology's IPS system allows us to reduce the amount of false positive alerts, while having the stability of a 24/7 monitoring system," said Melissa Finnell, vice president of Operations for First Citizens Bancorp. "Having the protection and management of highly trained Internet and network security professionals helps us stay in compliance with the changing regulatory needs. We receive detailed IPS and monitoring reports that provide extensive results of our system security, including past security breaches and potential future ones. The peace of mind that is gained through such a comprehensive program adds value and protection to our institution. IPS is a crucial component of our overall security program. Gladiator's team of seasoned industry professionals help us further safeguard our customers' information."

According to a December 2004 Gartner report, an Intrusion Prevention Services program must have the following qualifications: operate as an in-line network device that runs at wire speeds; perform packet normalization, assembly and inspection; apply rules-based on several methodologies to packet streams, including protocol anomaly analysis, signature analysis and behavior analysis; and drop malicious sessions, rather than simply reset connections.

"Gladiator Technology provides an array of services that help position us as a proactive leader in the community banking industry, and IPS is important to keeping our systems monitored and our daily operations compliant," said Finnell. "Protecting our network from the inside is as critical as protecting it from the outside--attacks come in all forms and can come from different ports. Gladiator's IPS includes automatic attack signature updates, 24/7 monitoring and notification, data fingerprinting correlation and dynamic inoculation technology, which has improved our stability and kept us confident that our customers' data is secure."

"Deploying true enterprise-wide and multi-layered security protection services to our customers helps us maintain and improve their security posture," said Danny Johnston, president and CEO of Gladiator Technology Services, Inc. "IPS is a critical component of our overall service that is crucial to aligning the needs of the institution and its customers with the needs of the FFIEC. When network intrusion prevention is incorporated into an enterprise-wide solution, our clients are equipped with an integrated and effective program that secures and manages threat points inside and outside the perimeter."

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