Global SD-WAN Provider Aryaka Selected for Microsoft Azure MSP Program

July 17, 2019
Global SD-WAN Provider Aryaka Selected for Microsoft Azure MSP Program
Global SD-WAN provider Aryaka Networks (Aryaka) has been selected for the recently launched Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider (MSP) program. Aryaka,which has headquarters in San Mateo, California, United States, was established in 2009. The company specializes in a broad range of areas including WAN-as-a-Service, WAN optimization, SD-WAN, TCP Optimization, and cloud networking. Its global SD-WAN solution “provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises”. Aryaka’s partners include big names like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Intelisys, and amongst its more than 10 million users are companies like Cigna. Aryaka is one of the first partners in Microsoft’s new program.

The Microsoft Azure Networking MSP program allows partners such as MSPs, network carriers, and systems integrators (SIs) to utilize Microsoft’s network to provide cloud and hybrid networking services through Azure. Azure’s networking facilitates cloud migration, offers optimal connectivity, ensures the security of applications, and gives partners access to the growing portfolio of Azure Networking products and services. As a partner, Aryaka can now utilize Azure Networking Services Virtual WAN (VWAN), which combines SD-WAN technology and global managed services. Aryaka’s collaboration with Azure helps simplify SD-WAN consumption and benefits companies that currently use Azure.

“We are proud to be the only vendor participating in today’s launch with an integrated SD-WAN offering, setting the stage for a more cohesive and easier to consume service,” explained Aryaka’s CMO, Shashi Kiran. “The advantages of this new managed offering include an optimized architecture that permits enterprises to better scale their Azure VNET deployments, provides a simplified branch to Azure VNET connectivity, and offers a faster response to service activation and change.”

“We are excited to be working with Aryaka as a launch partner for our Azure Virtual WAN offering,” added Microsoft’s Partner PM, Azure Marketing for Corporations, Ross Ortega. “The combination of our global infrastructure and Aryaka’s dedicated Microsoft Azure access and monitoring will ease adoption of our networking services.”

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