GlobusWORLD to Host Grid Technology Conference

February 1, 2005
February 1, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – GlobusWorld in Boston is set to host a conference on Grid technology. As defined by IBM; Grid computing enables the virtualization of distributed computing and data resources such as processing, network bandwidth and storage capacity to create a single system image, granting users and applications seamless access to vast IT capabilities. Just as an Internet user views a unified instance of content via the Web, a grid user essentially sees a single, large virtual computer.

In practical terms Grid allows many-to-many file and resource sharing, distributed computing across large geographical distances and diverse systems, the virtualization of vast and disparate IT resources.

GlobusWORLD ( today announced a diverse range of speakers and attendees from academia, science, government and enterprise -- gathering in Boston next week (Feb. 7-11) to debate, discuss and share different approaches to Grid computing.

Similar to the historic progression of the Internet, Grid's origins are in academia and government. As the enterprise evaluates this nascent technology, similar questions are being raised about standards, cultural issues, new resource management requirements -- and a whole host of other considerations. GlobusWORLD 2005 allows attendees to get their Grid knowledge straight from the source -- the research professionals who have been using Grid for years.

"We built our program around the theme of 'bridging the gap between cutting edge research and enterprise Grid,'" said Greg Nawrocki, conference co-chair. "While Grid is still a relatively new concept in the enterprise, the research community already has a long track record of successful Grid implementations. Enterprise professionals who want to know more about the promise of Grid should come to GlobusWORLD to tap into this wealth of information represented by the research community."

Topics will range from managing Grid services, resource virtualization, security, and server administration among other things.

Other sessions feature in depth Globus Toolkit 4.0 information at both an overview and developer level for; Data Management, including Grid FTP and OGSA-DAI; Job Submission and Execution Management; The Replica Location Service; and Monitoring and Discovery

GlobusWORLD 2005 will also feature the most comprehensive look at Enterprise Grid issues seen to date -- including essential updates on open source Grid standards. In addition to a variety of Fortune 500 Grid end users such as Sprint and Wachovia, speakers include some of the most important influencers in enterprise Grid, including senior level representatives from Apple, Cisco, Data Synapse, Egenera, Force10, GridXpert, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Nortel, Novell, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Topspin, and Univa.

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