Glyde Internet Services Releases SpyNOT Snoop-Proof Browser

March 7, 2005
March 7, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The SpyNOT Internet Privacy Protection Browser has been launched by Glyde Internet Services, LLC as the company's flagship product.

The SpyNOT Internet Browser provides users with Internet privacy features currently missing from Web browsers that ensure privacy while surfing the Web. The SpyNOT browser acts as an interface between user and destination site, providing anonymity and allowing users to surf to blocked websites, prevent electronic eavesdroppers from “snooping” their online communication, and eliminate their Web browsing history trail.

The SpyNOT tool was developed to combat the lack of privacy for Internet web users. Glyde Internet Services owner Lee Cassidy stated, “SpyNOT is highly effective at protecting people from being tracked as they surf the Web, either by Web-based marketers, overbearing employers, or others curious about your surfing habits. It provides users privacy protection that should already be on the Internet, but simply isn’t. People don’t realize just how exposed they are out there.”

The browser can be downloaded from

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