Go Daddy Path to Success is a Difficult Road for Competitors to Follow

April 25, 2005
April 25, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider and domain registrar Go Daddy’s star has continued to rise following their 2.3$ million Super Bowl advertisement featuring the voluptuous "Go Daddy Girl", Nikki Capelli. Back in January just prior to the Super Bowl, Go Daddy generously agreed to doing an interview with HostSearch.com and following the Super Bowl there was a flood of hits to our site referred from Google searching mainly for Nikki Capelli as well as some searches for Go Daddy. I wondered then if Go Daddy had simply done $2.3 million in free career promotion for model Candice Michelle, aka Nikki Capelli, or whether they would really gain the name recognition they sought from their “gimmicky" ad.

Well, as it turns out Go Daddy has continued its meteoric ascent and even as HostSearch continues to get hits from Google searching for Nikki Capelli it has become clear that what would have been a gimmick for another host is really part of an innovative strategy by Go Daddy.

The difference between Go Daddy and other internet services companies lies in its authenticity. In preparation for the interview with Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons I went to his blog at http://bobparsons.com and was quite surprised to find not a corporate brochure but an entertaining look at life through Bob Parsons’ eyes.

The blog features topics such as why we have curse words in the English language and their historical roots, Mr. Parsons’ experience as a Marine in the Viet Nam war and how it affected him as well as other issues and stories including Go Daddy news that are central to Bob Parsons. The voice is so natural in the blog you can easily see it hasn’t been reworked and smoothed out by the marketing department and thus it’s very fresh and vital.

Other surprisingly unique offerings from Go Daddy include its radio show, the launch of http://www.TheDangerofNoPrivacy.com to warn of the Department of Commerce’s attempt to force internet users to post their personal information in the WHOIS database for .US sites, and their offering of free SSL certificates for open source projects.

To look at any of these things by itself none of them would seem particularly amazing but when taken together as a whole it truly makes Go Daddy stand out as a company and gives it a life. In this day and age of the soul-less corporate entity it’s refreshing to see a company that reflects the humanity of its founder and this is also what will make it so difficult for Go Daddy’s competitors to follow in their footsteps. You simply can’t copy authenticity.

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