Go Daddy Proves Doubters Wrong with Statistical Success of Super Bowl Ad

March 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – According to Multivision, GoDaddy.com’s Super Bowl advertisement was a resounding success. Go Daddy was blasted in the blog-o-sphere when they announced their intention to advertise in the Super Bowl and reminded of the .com glory days of the 90’s when many .com’s advertised and then went bust. CEO Bob Parsons responded by saying, “Yes, but the difference is we actually make money” and went ahead with the ad. Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial ran during the first quarter of the game, but was subsequently pulled by the NFL and FOX from its scheduled 2nd airing during the game's final two minute warning.

Multivision claims that GoDaddy.com gained more publicity than any other Super Bowl advertiser. According to multivision's "Super Bowl: Monitoring the Advertising Buzz - 2005," GoDaddy.com's post-Super Bowl "Share of Voice" ("SOV") from February 7 - 11 was a tremendous, and unprecedented, 51.14%.

This is the largest SOV attributed to any Super Bowl advertiser during the past two years, and possibly ever. (SOV is the percentage of times an advertiser is mentioned in all Super Bowl stories aired on national, cable and the top 50 local television networks. For example, if there are ten stories and a company is mentioned three times, its' SOV is 30%.)

"Any Super Bowl advertiser hopes for a big return on their investment," said Brent Bamberger, Vice President for multivision, inc. "With more than half of the post-game newscasts mentioning GoDaddy.com, the company achieved a perfect storm of publicity. They were able to harness the various controversies surrounding their commercial to drive brand awareness."

Multivision further reported that between December 1 - February 11, Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad was mentioned in nearly 700 separate broadcasts on local, national and cable television. These broadcasts reached an audience of 262.9 million people, with an estimated publicity value of $11.7 million dollars.

Other media sources confirmed the successful impact of Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial. TiVo(R) reported that Go Daddy's commercial was the most replayed commercial of the entire Super Bowl. And eWatch(TM), a service provided by PR Newswire Association LLC, tracked Go Daddy's online media coverage for the month preceding and the two weeks subsequent to the Super Bowl, and determined there were approximately 1,230 separate articles which mentioned Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad.

"We are extremely pleased with the response to our Super Bowl ad," said Bob Parsons, president and founder of GoDaddy.com. "I personally received thousands of comments, the majority of them positive and supportive, on my blog, http://www.bobparsons.com. Go Daddy accomplished exactly what it set out to achieve with its first-ever Super Bowl ad -- increased brand awareness. Today, millions of people now know about GoDaddy.com, which in turn has generated significant new business."

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