GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service Simplify Connecting Domain Names and Crypto Wallets for Customers

February 7, 2024
GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service Simplify Connecting Domain Names and Crypto Wallets for Customers
GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY), a leading global provider of domain registration and web hosting services, has announced a partnership with Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a pioneer in blockchain-based naming systems. This collaboration allows users to effortlessly link their domain names to ENS, without any additional costs or technical expertise required. By bridging the Domain Name System (DNS) with blockchain technology, this partnership marks a significant step forward in the evolution of online identity management.

DNS serves as a database that translates readable domain names into unique IP addresses. Similarly, ENS simplifies complex wallet addresses into human-readable names. By integrating the two systems, domain owners gain the security and reliability of GoDaddy's trusted platform, combined with the innovative benefits of ENS's blockchain infrastructure.

Paul Nicks, president of domains at GoDaddy, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the opportunity for customers to experience the synergy between domain names and blockchain technologies. He emphasized GoDaddy's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance user experience.

Previously, transitioning domain names to ENS was hindered by barriers such as high gas fees. To address this, ENS implemented new smart contracts that enable the resolution process of domain names within the DNS top-level domain (TLD) level. This breakthrough allows for the verification of DNS records, offering users a cost-free method for linking their domains.

The integration not only streamlines user experience but also enhances trust in digital identities. Domain owners and crypto wallet holders can now seamlessly link their digital assets for efficient management, fostering convenience and reliability.

Nick Johnson, founder of ENS, emphasized the mission to build a more secure, decentralized, and user-friendly internet. He highlighted the significance of pairing ENS names with GoDaddy domains, which simplifies the interaction with web domains by combining the familiarity of DNS with the potential of blockchain technology.

This advancement represents a significant milestone in simplifying the use of digital properties and promoting a culture of convenience and trust. Users can learn more about linking domains at GoDaddy, and additional information about ENS's integration with GoDaddy is available here.

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