Google Acquires Timely App Developer Bitspin

January 6, 2014
Google Acquires Timely App Developer Bitspin
Google has acquired Zurich-based 'Timely App' developer Bitspin for an undisclosed amount. The purchase will not alter how Bitspin does business as it will continue to operate as an independent entity.

Timely App is a highly successful Android alarm clock app which saves alarm settings in the cloud so they can be used with multiple devices. Its attractive interface is noted for being highly customizable.

Beyond making an acknowledgment, Google has not commented on the acquisition. News of Google's purchase was initially announced on the Bitspin website: "We're thrilled to announce that Bitspin is joining Google, where we'll continue to do what we love: building great products that are delightful to use," the site suggested.

The purchase comes on the heels of a number of major Google purchases in 2013 which, amongst others, included navigation app company Waze, wind turbines company Makani Power, natural language processing company Wavii (famous for developing the Google Knowledge Graph) and mobile Android software company, Bump.

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