Google Investment into BPL Could Spark Web Hosting Diversification

July 11, 2005
July 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Broadband over power line (BPL) provider, Current Communications Group has received funding, up to $100 million according to the Wall Street Journal, from Google, Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Hearst.
Current Communications is a BPL provider in the Cincinnati area, but, according to an report Current general manager Scott Bruce has said the company talking with other electric utilities about partnerships.

The consequences of Google investing in BPL technology bode well for consumers given the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that cable companies do not have to share their networks as a public infrastructure, thus locking out smaller companies and giving a near monopoly to just a few big providers.

Should BPL become as ubiquitous as ADSL every electronic appliance would also hold the potential for being a web enabled device.

For hosting companies it offers medium sized companies the opportunity to think about providing BPL and thus ridding themselves of the need of buying service to the backbone. For smaller companies BPL offers the chance to diversify by offering hosted services for the next generation of electronics that will be web enabled.

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