Google to Use ‘Safe Browsing’ Technology to Protect Chrome Users

February 6, 2016
Google to Use ‘Safe Browsing’ Technology to Protect Chrome Users
Google intends to use ‘Safe Browsing’ technology to protect users of the Chrome web browser. The company, which has headquarters in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, United States, is a search giant and intends to indicate when websites are displaying dubious advertising by displaying a red warning message to warn users of possible problems.

The message in the warning suggests 'Attackers on xxxxx may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).” Whereas previously such messages appeared when visitors came to sites that were dubious in nature, the warning will now appear when dubious advertising appears on genuine websites. Google’s Safe Browsing capability will also activate when embedded content appears.

Google is specifically targeting spam advertising that claims a particular system is out of data and encourages an upgrade, which is in fact loads harmful software. This includes sites that claim to offer Chrome updates.

“Our fight against unwanted software and social engineering is still just beginning. We'll continue to improve Google's Safe Browsing protection to help more people stay safe online,” explained Google’s Online Security blog. “If visitors to your web site consistently see social engineering content, Google Safe Browsing may warn users when they visit the site. If your site is flagged for containing social engineering content, you should troubleshoot with Search Console, the blog continued.

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