Hackers Deface Information Systems Security Association Web Site

January 25, 2005
January 24, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – ZoneH.org, a website for hackers has linked to a new report that authorities are frustrated with ISPs lack of response in dealing with cybercrimes.

The article reports Special Agent Ed Gibson, who is the assistant legal attaché to the US Embassy recently spoke out at a conference in Britain against ISPs filibustering of law enforcement when they are given a request for information. In asking for the equivalent of an online search warrant which can take 4-6 months to procure these ISPs are effectively reducing the chances of catching these criminals to nil. By the time the police get the information they need the crooks are long gone.

Further thumbing their noses at the authorities, a hacker by the alias, iSKORPiTX recently posted notice on ZoneH that he had hacked The Information Systems Security Association's UK Web site. The site was changed to feature a large Turkish flag and the message “Hacked by iSKORPiTX”. The site then diverted users to a site featuring a large picture of dolphins.

In the late 1500s and early 1600s pirates roamed the Caribbean attacking European traders and immigrants bound for the west, Spanish treasure galleons set for Spain laden with South American gold and in so doing created an enduring legend of characters like Will Morgan and Blackbeard. With today’s internet criminals seemingly as free to sail the cyber-seas will the children of 2500 read stories about the brazen and unstoppable cyber-pirate iSKORPiTX?

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