High-performance Internet Company Eleven Integrates with Cisco Meraki Cloud Network Solutions

March 29, 2016
High-performance Internet Company Eleven Integrates with Cisco Meraki Cloud Network Solutions
High-performance internet company Eleven has announced the integration of its platform with Cisco Meraki cloud networking solutions. Cisco Meraki, which has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, specializes in providing products for extensive, distributed wired and wireless networks. Eleven, which was established in 2001, has headquarters in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Eleven’s services, including its ElevenOS, target the hotel industry by offering products and services. It bills itself as providing “the high-performance Internet experience demanded by today’s connected guest generation”. Eleven and Meraki have jointly produced a solution which “democratizes network functionality that used to be accessible only by enterprise-level infrastructure with complex architectures”.

ElevenOS is hardware and service provider neutral and adds a range of value-added services to the Meraki cloud. These services offer hotel guests a “consistently high-performance Internet experience”. The solution’s portal generates revenues and bookings for onsite or local services and can be customized to ensure that it fully represents an organization’s brand. With central authentication, the solution allows organizations to manage a central user database to manage access onto their networks using a “remote captive portal”. The ElevenOS platform also enables companies to generate tiered Internet packages and offers a range of billing options for users to utilize.

"Hotel guests are viewing fast and reliable Wi-Fi as one of the most important hotel amenities and leading hoteliers are aiming to deliver the optimal guest experience through the consistent delivery of this capability," explained David Kozicz, the VP Product Development and Product Marketing of TELUS a fast-growing telecommunications provider which utilizes ElevenOS integration with Cisco Meraki networks. “By pairing the ElevenOS platform with our best-in-class fibre-optic network, we’re helping our hospitality customers transform guest Internet access from a basic amenity into a powerful competitive differentiator.”

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