Horizon Data Center Solutions Launches FlexSafe Cloud

September 14, 2009
September 14, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Horizon Data Center Solutions, a data center and IT flexsourcing provider, recently announced the launch of its cloud computing solution, FlexSafe Cloud, a private cloud computing solution designed to meet the needs of organizations that want the flexibility, scalability and cost savings of virtualization, but require the security of a private computing platform. The company states that FlexSafe Cloud is part of its strategy to fill a gap in the marketplace by providing flexible, full-service IT outsourcing options for the enterprise client as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

The company further says that the FlexSafe Cloud delivers immediate benefits to firms such as Software as a Service companies, e-commerce applications that experience fluctuating transaction volumes, as well as financial firms, government agencies, and other entities that want the greater efficiencies and cost savings of virtualization without giving up security. It explains that its new service is based on Horizon's Infrastructure as a Service platform based on Tier III data centers, and built on technology from providers like AboveNet, Cisco, F5 Networks and HP. FlexSafe Cloud service is virtualized using VMware, providing high availability performance and security via two Dallas area data centers, connected by a private fiber ring, providing fast, reliable data backup and replication solutions.

Horizon CEO, Lance A. Smith adds, "Our current clients appreciate our highly secure, reliable data center infrastructure and have asked us to provide this service. We are pleased to extend our relationships with them, while at the same time offering an option that represents our continued charge to fill the gap in the IT outsourcing market between the very large, global IT outsourcing companies and traditional hosting companies. With the FlexSafe Cloud option, the latest development in our fast-paced growth strategy, Horizon continues to be among the leaders in the data center market."

Aimed to meet the needs of federal clients, Horizon Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Chuck Smith said ''Horizon has adopted the National Institute of Standards and Technology working definition of cloud computing, which basically describes an on-demand self-service with ubiquitous network access and the ability to rapidly scale resources, as well as billing on a measured-usage basis.''

''We believe that the large public cloud providers like Amazon and Google have done an excellent job of supporting the testing and development world, so there's no need for us to pursue the public cloud,'' Smith said in a statement. ''For government and enterprise clients, private clouds are where we can add significant value and we will also offer community cloud solutions for related entities.''

About Horizon Data Center Solutions

Horizon operates a growing portfolio of top tier and SAS 70 audited data centers in Dallas, with expansion plans for Houston and both coasts to be implemented in 2009. Our partnerships with Digital Realty Trust (NYSE: DRT) and our industry’s most knowledgeable real estate and technology experts ensure that our data centers achieve the standard that others aspire to.

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