Host Europe Becomes The First German Hosting Provider to Offer Cloud Hosting

October 14, 2009
October 14, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – As one of Germany's leading hosting providers, Host Europe GmbH, is once again setting the pace for the industry by becoming the first major hosting provider to present a cloud hosting solution for business users who have business critical applications or heavily visited websites.

Through its innovative virtualization and managed hosting solutions, Host Europe has led the market year after year. Now, Host Europe is the first German provider to present easy-to-use cloud hosting solutions that are superior to traditional, dedicated-server-based hosting solutions in respect to scalability, flexibility, security and efficiency.

The Dedicated Private Cloud product, which has been announced today, is only the first of several new products and services that Host Europe plan to launch. The company plans to use these products to enhance its focus on virtualization and Cloud Hosting. Operating more than 25,000 virtualized servers Host Europe is already one of Europe’s largest and most dynamically growing providers of virtualization and cloud hosting services. To deliver these solutions, Host Europe utilises virtualization technologies from leading suppliers VMware, Parallels and Xen and is with technology partners such as Dell and Intel.

“Cloud hosting creates tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes. It allows companies to scale their IT resources and become more efficient, improving business agility and flexibility. The Dedicated Private Cloud product is the flagship of our new Cloud Hosting business line, and further exciting new services within this sphere will follow,” said Uwe Braun, Host Europe’s founder and managing director.

Delivering scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency

Host Europe’s Dedicated Private Cloud solution offers customers the advantages of efficiency, scalability, and availability, whilst optimising performance and security due to its dedicated hardware infrastructure. It provides users with a dedicated hardware pool whose resources (CPU, RAM and storage) can be allocated on demand to any number of virtual machines.

Making changes to a traditional hosting infrastructure that utilises several dedicated servers can take a long time from order placed to eventual availability. The Dedicated Private Cloud technology provides customers with a real-time solution. New virtual machines can be created in an extremely short space of time. The CPU, RAM and storage allocated to individual virtual machines can be adjusted anytime, even within seconds. It is also possible to operate Windows and Linux systems concurrently. Through an easy-to-use client interface, users are able to gain full access to their cloud environment anytime, enabling them to scale, launch, stop and reboot virtual machines live and in real time.

100% availability and security for demanding business use

Host Europe’s Dedicated Private Cloud installations provide highest availability through automatic failover facilities. Virtual machines affected by hardware failure are automatically reassigned to surviving resources within split seconds, allowing for continuous availability of applications running on them. With its dedicated system infrastructure and its own hardware firewall, a Dedicated Private Cloud setup is able to meet even the most stringent security requirements.

About Host Europe GmbH

Serving more than 175,000 business and private customers, Host Europe GmbH is the third-largest provider of Internet and hosting services in the German-speaking market. For more than ten years, it has been providing its customers with high-quality hosting products with comprehensive technical support. Businesses value its highly reliable infrastructure, as well as its flexible managed hosting solutions for high-availability Internet applications. Host Europe has been awarded the titles of „Best Internet hosting business 2005“, „Best hosting provider for businesses 2007“ and „Best datacenter operator 2009“ by German Internet industry association eco e.V. In 2008, Host Europe GmbH received Ethikbank’s „Nachhaltiger Mittelstand“ prize, which recognises sustainable business practise.

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