Host Europe Group Buys Web Host and Domain Name Provider domainfactory

October 29, 2013
Host Europe Group Buys Web Host and Domain Name Provider domainfactory
Host Europe Group has bought web host and domain name provider domainfactory for an undisclosed sum. The purchase, which is subject to regulatory approval, comes on the heels of its recent acquisition of managed hosting provider Telefónica Germany Online Services GmbH and underscores the company's aim to strengthen its position in the European web hosting arena.

Host Europe Group has a presence in the United Kingdom, Romania, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. Its latest acquisition means the company adds domainfactory's 170,000 customers (and their 1 million domains) to its customer base, meaning Host Europe Group now caters to around 400,000 customers (and manages around 2 million domains).

“This is our second acquisition in recent months and is consistent with our strategy of consolidating a highly fragmented hosting market in Europe," explained Host Europe Group CEO, Thomas Vollrath. "Domainfactory has enjoyed good growth and developed a strong reputation for high quality service and customer care which makes it a perfect fit with Host Europe Group. We intend to invest to ensure that the Host Europe Group can deliver all the broad range of online services to meet the needs of a modern-day business.”

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