Host Europe is pleased to announce the launch of DSL services in Germany through a new partnership with Pironet NDH, one of its existing IP transit suppliers.

The new services, already available in over 64 cities throughout Germany, will be available through Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines (SDSL) with speeds from 144 Kbps up to 2.3 Mbps. This will allow Host Europe to provide cost effective, high-speed and ‘always on’ internet connectivity to its customers in Germany, allowing businesses to address both their hosting and their internet access needs through Host Europe.

SDSL connectivity is able to cope easily with functionality such as file transfer and access to a corporate intranet, which require high bandwidth in both directions. The service will be available for a fixed flat-rate fee, which includes internet connectivity, IP addresses and a router on the customer side.

Uwe Braun, Country Manager Germany, commented:

“SDSL technology enables inexpensive, high-speed digital transmission over regular copper phone lines. I am extremely pleased about our new partnership with Pironet NDH, because we are now able to offer high-speed internet access and hosting services to satisfy all the basic internet needs of our customers in Germany in house. The key to the new access services is that when purchased in a bundle with a dedicated server solution, they add significant value to our customers’ businesses.”

23 May 2002


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Uwe Braun, Country Manager, Germany
Abby Hardoon, Chief Executive

Pironet NDH AG
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50933 Köln
Tel.: +49.221.770-1240
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Host Europe PLC owns and trades under the following brands:

§ 'Dedicated Servers' ( - high-end dedicated servers on multiple platforms, managed services and server co-location;

§ 'Magic Moments' ( - Internet hosting services to the UK's SME market;

§ 'WebFusion' ( - Internet hosting services to the UK's SME market;

§ '123-reg' ( - low cost domain name and e-mail services;

§ 'Host Europe' - Internet hosting services to the European SME sector (Germany and France); and

§ 'eliteSERVERS' ( - Internet hosting services in the USA.

Host Europe is one of Europe's leading dedicated Internet hosting companies. It provides a comprehensive range of services including shared server hosting, dedicated servers, managed services, server co-location, global domain name registration and a bespoke range of e-services, to SME businesses.

Its hosting solutions are all serviced from Host Europe's own facilities, with multiple connections to the Internet and 24/7 technical support ensuring industry leading levels of reliability and quality of service.

Host Europe is the clear leader in the European dedicated server and co-location market with over 3,200 machines hosted in its data centres. The Company also manages over 285,000 domain names and hosts over 64,000 virtual server accounts for over 55,000 customers (figures as at December 31 2001).

About Pironet NDH AG

Pironet NDH is a rapidly expanding Internet software company with over 200 employees. With pirobase, a standard content management software package, and accompanying connectivity and hosting services, Pironet NDH offers powerful solutions to create, maintain and operate complex, database-supported information systems. pirobase allows fast and easy publication of information and content in intra-, extra- and Internet environments as well as efficient control and management of all web processes.

Pironet NDH and its partner companies like Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and KPMG offer a wide variety of services, including project management and system integration as well as various hosting and ASP solutions. Among the well-known customers of the company are corporations such as AXA Colonia, Sony, Metro AG, Lufthansa and Basell. Pironet NDH has strategic alliances with international technology leaders including SUN, Oracle and HP.

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