Host4Profit Implicated in Secret Society 'Take Over the World' Plot

March 27, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider Host4Profit has been accused of a plot to take over the world in a tongue-in-cheek report appearing on

The report claims that, “Since the late 1990’s, a little-known group of renegades have been using the company as a smoke-screen to quietly seize control of the Web.

The members of this group have been educated and trained to be placed behind the scenes of countless websites – shaping and moulding the Internet into the 21st. century. They are elite men and women from all walks of life – soldiers, technicians, managers, programmers, engineers, stock brokers, bankers, accountants, tradesmen – and there are thousands of them!

Starting as a rag-tag bunch of ex-spammers, they survived a chaotic beginning to evolve and grow. Today, their tentacles are spread across every continent, across every country, to all parts of the planet. They are everywhere and they are tightening their stranglehold on the digital world.”

The report outlines an amusing description of Host4Profit’s plot to infiltrate the internet with it’s secret society members by giving away internet sites and paying customers use their services.

According to the report, all customers are offered a deal whereby, if they refer another person to the company, and that other person signs up as a customer, the company will pay them $10 for every month that the new person remains a customer.

Since they only charge $24.95 a month for their services, if their customers have 3 referrals then Host4Proft actually ends up paying people to be their customers.

The company has requested people to ignore the story: “We urge people to give the report no credence. It is a blatant attempt to smear our reputation. Our group is definitely NOT trying to seize control of the Internet!”

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